Collectors on Collecting

Jeff Dauber, San Francisco
“The collection is an autobiography. I don’t buy things for investment purposes. I buy something because it meant something to me at the time.”   

Rene di Rosa, Napa
“I think that’s what a good collection does, it pulls on all your emotions.  Well, that’s what life is, isn’t it? Some happiness, some strife, some love, some pain. All of it. We need all of it to be truly alive. When you look at art, art that means something to you, it arouses this yin and yang of living.”

Jim Melchert, talking to Rene di Rosa:
“I’d like to make an observation that’s going to burn a hole in my head if I don’t say it. Understandably you refer to the collection, but I hate for you to think of yourself as a collector, Rene. A conservator in the true sense of the word, yes, but better yet, a guardian whose gift for husbandry is evident everywhere at Winery Lake. That includes the artwork, but also the land and the buildings, and even those Canadian geese that seemed to be nesting by the lake when Mary Ann and I last drove by it. What you do for the world is light years more essential than what a “collector” does. The label doesn’t fit you. There’s one thing I still long to learn from you, and that’s how to husband the treasures that fall into a person’s care. You have geese passing through, I have undergraduates. I need to go walking with you again. May I?”

Norman and Norah Stone, San Francisco and Napa
“Neither of us were interested in collecting ‘pretty pictures.’  We love our collection. If we gave our money to the Symphony or Opera, we could enjoy a performance. With art, we can live with it in our home, having it stimulating us and keeping us asking questions.”

Dick and Pam Kramlich, San Francisco
“Dick and I have always looked for work that changes our way of seeing and thinking about things, mostly regarding human issues.”

Patsy and Raymond Nasher, Dallas
“It is fundamental to my whole outlook on life.  The artworks are like friends that I greet every day.  Our thesis was that Patsy and I wanted to have our children and ourselves exposed to intellectually and visually interesting objects.” 

Jordan D. Schnitzer, Portland
“For me, waking up each day without art around me would be like waking up without the sun.  When you live with art around you, your mind and soul are filled with the beauty of life and the creativity of the human spirit.”


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